Coworking & Cocamping

Coworking and Cocamping @ Quinta da Cerejeira?

Yes, at Quinta da Cerejeira you can get the best of both worlds.

We are already hosting our guests for a relaxing holiday stay, either on our campsite or in one of our holiday accommodations, for more than 15 years. Now, we are converting other spaces into an inspiring work environment.

Already many people are used to working from places that are not their regular office. Regular coworking spaces, coffee bars, the library or even in the train. But we believe there is still an other world of workplaces to discover: the rural environment full of nature. Spending time in such an environment is a very effective remedy to reduce stress and avoid burn-outs or similar work-related issues but also boost productivity and efficiency.

Quinta da Cerejeira is situated in a remote, non-urban spot. Working in a smaller community allows you to fully focus on your work. Also if you work in a small team, the bonds made in rural coworking spaces tend to be stronger, since in these situations you normally live and work from the same place. Whether that includes, hikes and bike rides, swimming or wake boarding, living outside of the city allows us to reconnect with the nature  —  which is what most of us need from time to time. Working out from a rural coworking space, also tends to be cheaper than just living in a city.

Working from the countryside is not for everybody nor a permanent solution for all, and we at Quinta da Cerejeira understand that. We understand that from time to time everybody needs the energy that large cities emit, we need the concerts and galleries, we need our friends and family. We know this because we are meeting a lot of people like you, people who like to have a balance in life, which is why we created Quinta da Cerejeira. We created a place where people come to both fill up the batteries and work to the bone. To both meet new people and reflect on life in silence and solitude. Quinta da Cerejeira is a not just a place to work or to stay, but a home to all of us who live our lives like everybody else, just a little bit differently.

Of course we understand that using Quinta da Cerejeira as your working office requires top facilities and conditions. We offer individual working desks as well as a meeting room for team discussions. We also offer a telephone booth and areas (inside and outside) where you can meet other people or just relax.

Our office equipment (internet connection, desks, etc.) is exactly what you are expecting it should be.

Coworking & Cocamping: give it the words you want to give to us but we are developing Quinta da Cerejeira as your 365 days a year workation destination.

We have developed our plans and would like to start realisation after the holiday season in October. In the meantime, we would like to meet as many people as possible to have your input about details, thoughts and specific needs to fill in the missing gaps.

If you are interested to meet us, you can either drop us a message or come along! If you stay with us with your own tent or van, we offer you a free stay if you bring with you code <#freeqdc>.