COVID-19 - our commitment

At Quinta da Cerejeira, campsite and apartments, we consider the health and safety of our guests and members of staff to be the most important. As such, we are following all the guidelines of the Directorate-General of Health, in adhering to the certification of Turismo de Portugal – with the Clean&Safe stamp – and in taking al the additional measures that we considered necessary to ensure all prevention , surveillance and control possible. This way, you can return with complete peace of mind, sure that we will do everything to make you happy at Quinta da Cerejeira.

Gift Card

Quinta da Cerejeira has been closed from March 22 to May 18, 2020. We all understand why.

You can now buy a special Gift Card at Quinta da Cerejeira to spend with us in the future. Without time or other restrictions. The Gift Card can be of any value (with a minimum of € 5.00) and comes with several specific options to be chosen by the recipient:

– from a value of €25.00: an additional 10% discount of the total accommodation costs

We have made it as simple as possible for you. Below, enter the value of the Gift Card (with a minimum of €5.00) and fill in all other details. The card will be sent (by e-mail or by post but only in Portugal) to those you want to surprise. They can hand in the Gift Card to us and we will deduct the value of the card from their accommodation costs.

The payment is with PayPal (debit or credit card). If you would like to pay in another way, please contact us by e-mail.